If you are interested in giving away (not consigning) your items for a good cause, then consider giving to New 2 Me. When you drop off your items, we will do our best to sell them in our store or in our ONLINE Auction. When someone buys the item given, we will use a portion of the proceeds to make a difference in the lives of people living right here in our community. Besides, giving your items is a great way to recycle goods that you no longer want or need and helps keep the landfills open for real trash!

If you have an organization or someone that you would like us to consider donating to, then please stop by and fill out one of our forms.

DISCLAIMER: We are not a charity and cannot provide you with a charitable contribution receipt. We are just a local business offering a way for you to give away your goods in order to help people in our community. We reserve the right to donate to whomever we choose.